Hi there!

I noticed you are advertising your vacancy on SEEK.

Did you know, the very best candidate for your important role may not currently be job hunting and may not see your advertisement? 

This may lead to you appointing the best candidate from a poor bunch!

Poor hiring decisions can cost your business significant amounts of time and money.  Also, and perhaps of even more concern, is the negative effect ‘bad hires’ can have on other team members in your business.

This is where RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA can assist:

  • we are an award winning retail specialist recruiter operating since 2009
  • our team includes experienced retail managers and accredited professional recruiters who understand the retail industry, recruitment, and its unique challenges
  • we spend much of our time, networking with and speaking to, the top retail candidates in Australia
  • we have a database of over 110,000 candidates, and over 65% of the placements we make come from candidates on our database 
  • we are skilled at approaching passive candidates, and over 25% of the placements we make come from candidates we source from 3rd party databases, such as: LinkedIn, SEEK Talent Search, and the INDEED Resume Search

So what does this all mean?:

  • we more than likely have suitable candidates for your role in our database or at our fingertips via our network
  • you will get the best candidate for your role, not just the best candidate who is applying to job ads

Stop wasting your precious time and money

Give RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA a call on 1300 448 820