Here’s what some of our clients and candidates say about us:

November 2019

Really appreciated the help and support from RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA. They made this process so enjoyable and stress-free. By far one of the best recruitment experiences I’ve ever had! Thank you.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was a delight to deal with in finding a new role, she was professional but down to earth and helped put my mind at ease and support me to ace my interviews.  I highly recommend RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA, honestly can’t thank them enough.

September 2019

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was a delight to deal with, I would like to thank them for all their help and support throughout the interview process!

August 2019

Very professional, respectful and understanding during entire process, thank you.

So lovely and make me feel so supported!

Amazing and super supportive, I felt in good hands the whole process and was such a great feeling having someone cheering me on through what can be a very nerve wracking process! Very prompt with each step of the way! Thanks so much!

Amazing help! Made me feel at ease and made the whole process easier!

July 2019

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA is so passionate about helping candidates and I felt so comfortable talking to them about all my concerns, strengths and weaknesses. Both times I have been placed by RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA I have been extremely happy with the brands I represented. I would HIGHLY recommend RECRUIT2etail AUSTRALIA to anyone looking for a career in retail – they will help you find your passion in retail and the brand/family you’re looking for.  

Really helpful and made the whole process very smooth. Quick response, quick feedback! Thank you!

Friendly and very helpful, gave me a lot of good tips and quick response. Support me all the way! Thank you so much!

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was fantastic at keeping in touch and providing feedback on interview style. If my situation hadn’t changed I would have felt completely confident that RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA would have found me the perfect job!

I appreciate RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA’s assistance with me in the job interview. They are professional and attentive. They always come with enthusiastic manner and gave detailed interview guidelines, job description, feedback and encourage me. All the best to you and thanks RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA.

June 2019

It was such a pleasure to talk to RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA, they were very informative, right to the point and very easy to talk to. I didn’t feel any stress which normally I will feel during a job interview and they gave me very good tips on how to continue. I appreciate the positive experience.  

Always positive and down to earth, kept me informed at every stage of the process and helped me obtain very successful outcomes on both job opportunities.

I am so grateful and appreciative to RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA for all of their support throughout this process.  I got a job today after the encouragement and motivation they gave me. RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA are incredible at what they do!

May 2019

Very professional and well orgnaised.

April 2019

Absolutely the best experience I have had with a recruitment agency. Extermely helpful and insightful into the retail industry.

March 2019

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA has been absolutely amazing. So friendly and relaxed that it doesn’t even feel like you’re having an interview just a conversation with a friend. 

Very peronable to interact with, professional, polite and respectful.

Warm, welcoming and professional.  Hands down the best recruiter I have ever had the experience of working with to find a job.

February 2019

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA has been beyond excellent, I’m so thankful I got in touch with them.

January 2019

Very welcoming. Understands my needs.  Flexible with my schedule which is awesome.

Bright and very positive towards my needs and my future career.

December 2018

I could not fault RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA at all! They are amazing and very good at their job!

November 2018

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA made everything so much easier, I was able to focus on other aspects of my life that needed my attention while being able to trust that my career interests were being taken care of.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was great with communication and kept in touch through the process.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was outstanding from the first call to the end of the process. I had small dealings with other agencies prior to RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA and by far this was the most professional and promising I dealt with. Would highly recommend RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA if the opportunity arose.

Prompt response and feedback. Excellent client service.

From start to finish, RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA were absolute legends, they made me feel so comfortable and coming from retail backgrounds I’ve learnt so much from them! So genuine and lovely!!!

October 2018

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was a delight to work with and I felt that they were interested in finding me the right job.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was amazing, super helpful, understood exactly where I was coming from and what I wanted. A huge thanks!

Your professionalism, support and patience has been phenomenal! Thank you so much for everything.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was very attentive to me and assisted me through the whole process. I was really impressed with their kindness and willingness to go above and beyond. A huge thank you to RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA for all they have done for me.  I really appreciate it!

September 2018

Much easier going through RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA, then trying to find a job on my own. Great service, very happy.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was very attentive to what I was after, and found a perfect opportunity for me. They have a very strong passion for helping people with their career paths. I recommend RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA  to everyone.

August 2018

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was fantastic – my experience was terrific – very personal and thorough. If I ever needed to find another job I would certainly approach RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA.

I had the pleasure of dealing with RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA and they went above and beyond in regards to helping me find a suitable role.  I definitely had a great experience. A big thank you for your excellent service. 

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA went above and beyond to help me.

As this was my first experience with agency recruitment I found the interviewer was very patient but thorough and it was my pleasure to deal with professional and pleasant people.

July 2018

My whole experience was taken care of very well. Just want to say Thank You to RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA for their assistance!

June 2018

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA supported me through to a successful outcome. Their industry knowledge and thoughtful approach made me feel positive about my skills and experience to secure a role in a new retail environment. I had experienced recruiters who were not mindful of the impact that some of their statements may have.

From initial contact to the final offer of the role and contract, I was kept informed but I was also asked about the process from my perspective.  I felt supported and understood, with a genuine desire for a positive outcome for all parties.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA were an absolute pleasure to work with.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was extremely friendly, helpful and respectful from the moment they first contacted me in regards to this role. They were very communicative and gave me feedback as soon as it was available. They were patient and respectful of me and my thoughts the entire way through the process.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was such an amazing help during the recruitment stage. They excelled in making sure I was notified of any key updates throughout the process and was very encouraging. They also ensured I was well equipped before any interviews and answered all questions I had. I believe they provided me with exceptional support and I would highly recommend.

Thank you so much! This is my first time trying RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA and I am amazed at how much support and encouragement I received throughout the whole process.

My entire process with RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was absolutely amazing. They consistently replied to my emails, always keeping me informed and up to date with everything. They made me feel comfortable and happy throughout the whole process. I couldn’t have asked for a better recruitment agent!

Everything was professional and amazing!

The whole experience was so easy and all information was only a phone call away. I could trust that I was in capable hands to help me!  Everything was fantastic!

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was excellent and was great at finding a new opportunity for me within a great company.

Very fast reply, extremely friendly agents, were very lovely and helped me with the interview process.

May 2018

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was very professional, calm and helpful in getting me ready for an interview. Preparing me personally so I could get the best out of my interview. Cannot thank them enough. Will 100% recommend and if needed will return to them again.RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA went above and beyond to accommodate all my needs and set me up for the interview process.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA worked so hard for me to get the job that I was offered and I can’t recommend them enough.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was nurturing, caring and informative. In fact, without their encouragement and coaching, I would have never secured the job! The best agent I have ever dealt with in my working career.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA is amazing and very professional. Kept me up to date throughout the whole process.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was absolutely amazing and I’d recommend them to anyone. Thank for everything you did! Nothing was ever too much trouble.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was just fantastic. They went above and beyond and answered all my questions when needed in a timely manner. They ensured I was kept involved in the process and ensured that all my needs were met in the offer.

April 2018

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA is the best recruitment agency I’ve worked with and I will 100% use you guys for the next career move I make.RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA is amazing. I have never dealt with a recruiter before and my experience was extremely positive.

March 2018

Thank you so much for all your hard work, I appreciate it more than I can say.  You really went the extra mile and I cannot thank you enough.

January 2018

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA were very helpful and passionate about finding me a job…They were fantastic.  I couldn’t ask for more.

November 2017

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was absolutely delightful to deal with, I wish all recruiters were as good as you guys.

Very professional, prompt and clear on the position that was introduced to me.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA is amazing.  They will help you in all aspects of your job hunt!  Constant communication and felt well understood.  

My experience with RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was a positive one from my initial email through to my interview and then my follow-up phone call.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was exceptional. Truly wonderful, clearly understood my experience, needs and career path in a knowledgeable and professional manner. They provided constant feedback and coaching every step of the way and made the whole process wonderful.

Positive experience.  RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA went into bat for me and was honest and personable.

October 2017

The process was very smooth, well-handled and I was kept informed through the entire process.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA’s help and advice was nothing short of amazing. They really went above and beyond for me.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was fantastic to deal with from start to finish. I was made to feel comfortable at our first meeting and I felt it was about finding me the right role and not about filling a gap. Constructive feedback was excellent and the help with preparation for my interview was outstanding. If I’m ever looking in this area for a job again RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA will be my first point of contact.

September 2017

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was so helpful and I thank them for all the help and information they gave me to prepare for the interview and position.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA are legends! They were so fantastic! So helpful and kept in contact with me throughout my whole entire process! Love them and would highly recommend them to everyone!

August 2017

Whole process was handled efficiently and RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA also took the time to build a relationship which led to me finding my role.

Extremely helpful. Understood exactly what I was looking for and able to guide me in the right direction. Plenty of encouragement and I was always made to feel confident. Always was given a perfect understanding of job roles and what they entail. Couldn’t be more impressed with the service! Everything was perfect!

Recruitment specialist took the time to understand my career goals and aspirations and gave good feedback.

July 2017

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was very professional yet friendly and helpful.

It was a pleasure dealing with RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA from the first phone call.

Couldn’t fault anything, wonderful experience. Thank you for assisting placing me in a great position. Clearly you know your ‘stuff’ and I feel so lucky I found you.

My experience was wonderful. The feedback was constructive and helpful. The entire process was handled honestly and professionally the entire time. Thank you!!

Very responsive, excellent understanding of industry and potential roles I might be interested in.  My interactions with RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA have been extremely comprehensive and professional.

A smooth process.

June 2017

Amazing! You guys are perfect

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA handled the interview and recruitment process with such expertise, had great communication, and nurturing advice.

Great feedback and advice

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA is fantastic, professional and had a really good understanding of what was at the core of what I would be looking for, if I was potentially interested in moving into a new role, so much so that I have accepted a position! Thanks again RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA!

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was great. They interviewed me. They updated me on jobs and followed up where I am at with looking for work.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was amazing! The information/preparation that was provided prior to the interview was outstanding. Also, the follow up after the interview was great – they kept me informed all the way through.

Good experience!

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA were very thorough and very helpful with all inquires that I made about the position that I applied for.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA provided fantastic advice and feedback and tried very hard to secure me an interview.  They were fantastic to deal with. Updates, feedback, advice perfect!

Very helpful and honest. I have already referred a couple of people to them.

May 2017

Very professional.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was fantastic at keeping me in the loop, about where the process was from initial meeting until the official offer came through. Thanks!

My experience with RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was terrific – they took time to get to know me, understand my skill set and knowledge and my wants and needs for my next role. They presented me with options that aligned with my interests and provided me with thorough information on the clients and roles that I was put forward for.

I have had the pleasure of working with RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA. I had not interviewed or applied for jobs in years, they were fantastic! I felt very prepared for the interview and the feedback given to me made me very comfortable. I have recommended your services to many people already.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was genuine and understood my needs while looking for work. They were also very responsive and there was good communication through out the whole process.

Excellent service, great communication.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was extremely helpful. They guided me through every step of the process and prepared me thoroughly for interviews and I don’t think I would have gotten the job without them.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA looked after me extremely well and prepared me for an interview, organised an interview and worked out an offer with the company I now work for in less than a week. They were so lovely through the whole process and made the daunting process of job interviews much easier.

I felt the whole experience was very professional.

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was fantastic in keeping me up to date with where they were up to in the process.

April 2017

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was very professional and well trusted by the prospective employer. They demonstrated excellent service and kept me well informed.​I just want to say that RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA has been very helpful!

March 2017

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was a fantastic help and made the whole process easy.  I was extremely happy with the whole experience.  Many thanks.I was pleased with the service I received.Entire process ran smoothly; all communication & queries were handled promptly; options were given based on my needs.RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was absolutely amazing with finding me a job.  Over the last couple of months I have been extremely unhappy with my role and RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA has been there whenever I needed, I cant thank them enough!RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was extremely professional and personable and understood my expectations very well.  They gave me very constructive and honest feedback which motivated me to interview with confidence and resulted in me getting the role.  I am excited to take this next step in my career path. I will definitely recommend any friends or colleagues in the future should they be looking for roles. Best experience with a job agency ever! Most helpful.RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA provided outstanding service.  It was professional from the outset.Very professional, kind and easy to communicate with. They show a true interest in you and what you are after.I found RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA to be prompt and attentive.  After submitting my application, they responded with an email the same day, a phone call the next day and a Skype interview the following day. They are excellent communicators and showed a keen focus in helping me through the interview process. There appeared to be a genuine care factor that I have not experienced through other recruitment facilities.Very good experience. I look forward to dealing with again.

February 2017

Having dealt with recruitment agencies in the past, I have found that they are not really interested in getting to know you and your strengths, and then offering feedback.  RECRUIT2retail AUSTRAIA was fantastic and I would highly recommend them.RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was exceptional in helping me with my job hunt. They were warm, friendly and so helpful. I would recommend them anytime.They tick all the boxes as a recruitment agency. Top marks!So much more helpful compared to other recruitment agencies I’ve dealt with. A good knowledge and understanding of the industry and companies/brands within the industry. Immediately responsive to any of my emails/texts or calls. Amazingly helpful.Great communication, provided multiple options, understood my expectations.

January 2017

RECRUIT2retail AUSTRALIA was very informative and guided me through the whole process.

Very reliable and well informed. They made contact with me many times to ensure I was understood everyting and finding out what I needed. The best agency I have ever dealt with!

It was a smooth process. My phone calls and queries were always followed up, even when I was at work and voicemail messages had to be left, the process was still smooth and communication still clear.

So customer service friendly.

It has been a lovely experience with minimum stress and so much support.

I was happy with the process.